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About Syed Waseem

Syed Waseem is a 19-year-old. He is a self-trained guy, a young part-time blogger and computer experts last for five years. He is very passionate about blogging and his area of interests are SEO – Internet MarketingWeb Designing, business knowledge, how to tweak software (For learning purpose only) and keenness to learn Ethical Trick as well. Currently, he is doing his B.com 2nd year and learning digital marketing. apart from blogging, he loves to ride his beloved bike RTR 180.

Blogging is not a short way to make Money as many thinks.

About This Blog:

In this Blog, Will be sharing blog tips, Tutorials, INTERNET Marketing Android, Ios and windows and much more. To know more about this Blog Please visit About Us

How I Started My Blogging Career:

Well Back in 2013, I am in cyber searching for how to earn money online without any investment and I learned a lot of different methods to earn online. But I liked blogging. I start learning about how to create a blog, what is Adsense, how to make money through blogging and much more.

Where I Learned About Blogs:

Well there lot of blogs and online paid courses. but i usually search on Google or YouTube to learn what i want.

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